b e r l i n s p l i t t e r o r c h e s t e r

The Berlin Splitter Orchester, founded in 2010, is a Berlin-based collection of internationally respected Composer-Performers which draws inspiration from many genres, most noticibly contemporary/improvised music. Splitter Orchester originates from the “Echtzeitmusik” scene, which emerged in Berlin in the mid-1990s – a locally based and globally networked experimental music scene and long-term platform for the exchange of artistic ideas. All members of the Splitter Orchester are simultaneously composers, interpreters and improvisers that collectively elude clear classification – an ensemble most comfortable in the creative borderland between composed and improvised music. They utilize a broad variety of extended techniques on traditional, electronic, and especially constructed/tailored instruments. The main focus in their artistic practice is the production of sound (as opposed to musical material) and on how to diffuse it in space. The collaborative nature of musical creation within a Composer-Performer context is integral – from the first sketch to the performance.

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s i m u l t a n

Simultan is a collaboration between Werner Dafeldecker and Simon James Phillips. Phillips creates an array of sounds from the piano as the original source. Dafeldecker then carefully gleans his selection from this material and processes it via analogue tape loop machine, creating small structures which in turn feed the impulses of Phillips – a methodical entanglement. Their live process is one of careful offering, discernment, and reflection - creating a sonic environment of acoustic/electro-acoustic sounds, rich with timbral and structural nuance. 

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p e d a l

Pedal is a duo with pianists Chris Abrahams and Simon james Phillips. Their debut recording, on two Steinway concert grand pianos, was released on the Berlin label Staubgold. Each track is improvised, exploring rich and varied sound worlds simultaneously to create complex but coherently beautiful work.

The word "beauty" may no longer be en vogue, but for the music of Pedal you can use it in good conscience".

Die Tageszeitung

"Rarely has beauty announced itself so silently and surprisingly. Pedal to the medal. Wonderful".



t h e s w i f t e r

The Swifter (now disbanded) was a trio featuring Andrea Belfi (drums and percussion), BJNilsen (electronics) and Simon James Phillips (piano). Formed in 2011 to record their debut self-titled album, which was released by The Wormhole in 2012. A live recording from a performance in Lisbon, Portugal, was released on Entr'Acte in 2013 and their final album will be released on Sonic Pieces in late 2016.

"This astounding album seems, at times, the biography of the building it was recorded in – the Grunewald Church in Berlin. Acoustic bliss for an orchestral trio such as The Swifter,..."


"On The Swifter, the musicians also eschew conventional role-playing for a multi-layered approach to sound-generation that's predominantly textural in design".