g r e e n e r y  

Greenery is a collaboration between Simon and sculptor/artist David Adamo. It is an ongoing project that focuses on process and various materialistic and performative possibilities. There are two main projects as part of the launch of Greenery - a three month working residency/open gallery a dispari&dispari in Berlin and performances in Tbilisi, including the launch the SOU Festival, with 7 x 2m long megaphones and choir.


t w o o f ma n y

Two of Many, commissioned by Frederic and Maria Coustols for Palacio Belmonte in Lisbon, is an audio-visual installation created in collaboration with dutch filmmaker Marja de Vries as an observation on historical perspective and understanding. Steeped in hundreds of years of history, the unique Palacio Belmonte was the centrepiece for this work - the work was filmed there, field recordings were recorded there and the work was premiered there in June 2015.


r i n g t o n e

Ringtone (2012) was a collaboration between visual artist Billy Maynard and composer Simon James Phillips. Videos screening compiled from footage shot by civilians in Syria during 18 months. Their means are mobile phones and cheap video cameras, documenting conflict without credit, remuneration or support. Compiled and edited by photographer Billy Maynard, with Simon James Phillips created an improvised sonic response, live with the videos.