u p c o m i n g

  • Premiere of a new collaborative composition project with Elshan Ghasimi, Jawad Salkhordeh, Mona Matbou Riahi, and Golnar Shahyar for the Podium Festival, Esslingen

  • Opening the SOU Festival in Tbilisi with greenery - with a composition for 7 megaphones and choir

  • Workshops and preparations for a composition for the project contain - a large scale collaborative project with Ensemble Resonanz (Hamburg) and The Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (Hong Kong)

  • Launch of the first album of songs from elsewhere (on Edition Telemark) - a duo with Sven Åke Johansson (voice) and Simon James Phillips (piano)

  • simultan performance at wien modern

  • Composition for Solo Kontrabass for Matthew McDonald (Principal Kontrabass, Berliner Philharmoniker - Berlin)

  • recording of a large scale solo piano work

  • recording of works for solo organ